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Thanks to 6point7! Chud has listed showing in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh.

Also, Hollywood Reporter has done a review of Death at a Funeral

While there is no standout performance -- meaning that everyone has splendidly performed his character's faults to the comic hilt -- one most enjoys Macfadyen for bringing subtle drama and melancholy to the comic center of the tale

And Aint it Cool News

I recommend this movie if you enjoy dark comedies. It is very funny and I look forward to Frank Oz making more of these types of movies.

The entire cast is worthy of praise but the standouts include Tudyk and Macfadyen....Meanwhile, the puffy, doe-eyed Macfadyen is so effortlessly nebbish you'd never expect he could have the smoldering mystique to play Mark Darcy, let alone a secret service agent in MI-5.

(I think he means Fitzwilliam Darcy)MM corner


Cole Smithey reviews Death at a Funeral

Cole Smithey gives Death at a Funeral a B+ or 4 stars.  Read the review at the

Film Review of Death at a Funeral

Film Review has given Death at a Funeral a B-

Macfadyen, who was very good as the love interest in the recent “Pride and Prejudice,” does solid work as the decent and soft-spoken Daniel, but his character is rather predictable.

Variety review of Death at a Funeral

Variety reviewed Death at a Funeral at the Seattle Film Festival.  Here are some choice excerpts:

With a circus parade of mourning Brits and enough appalling circumstances to set proper Englishness back to the Dark Ages, "Death at a Funeral" pits decorum against sex, drugs and dysfunction. The winners? Auds who know you laugh hardest when you're not supposed to, and who appreciate the humorous qualities of embarrassment, blackmail and the twitting of the upper classes. Box office will likely be modest, but reaction will be strongly positive.


Among the standout performers are Donovan, whose Martha has the intriguing capacity to stress out about an ungenerous father and a raving fiance at the same time. Macfayden is also quite good as the stalwart husband whose promises to his wife are going up in smoke.

Cannes enjoyed Death at a Funeral

Thanks to Karan for pointing this out to us.  IMDb poster, gareth-86, had this to say about Death at a funeral:

Saw this film at the Cannes Film Festival - there was just one screening, but the cinema was packed.

It was certainly a highlight for me after seeing so much rubbish - a good script, great cast and a fun film! God we need more like this.

I highly recommend it to one and all.

It was the only film I saw this year that received a round of applause.

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