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Incendiary at Sundance?

The Hollywood Reporter mentions that Incendiary may be shown at the Sundance Film Festival.  In fact, the Sundance Film Festival will announce it's full film lineup next week.

Anand Tucker Interview (Incendiary)

Anand Tucker, producer of Incendiary and who lives with director Sharon Maguire has this to say about Incendiary:

We're in post-production on Sharon's movie Incendiary, which I produced. It has been great working with her because we really trust each other. We have huge arguments but then we make up. We are each other's harshest critic and she has helped me immeasurably on my films.

You can read the full interview here.

Possible release of Incendiary this year in the US?

The Chicago Tribune had this to say:

MATTHEW MACFADYEN who stars in "Death at a Funeral," opening this weekend, the second of his three 2007 films. Audiences will see him later this year opposite Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams in "Incendiary," a drama about an anti-terrorist agent who falls in love with the widow of a suicide bomber.

This may mean that Incendiary will be released later this year in the US. Thank you 6point7 and Matthieu.


Promo Reel of Incendiary to be shown in Cannes

Incendiary by Sharon Maguire (director of Bridget Jones’s Diary) and Andy Paterson (producer of Girl with a Pearl Earring) will be available as a promo reel. The film currently shooting stars Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor and has been picked up for the UK by Optimum Releasing.

According to a this news article, a promo reel has been made of Incendiary and it will be shown in Cannes.

Edit also found the following:

*Promo reel premiere*
INCENDIARY, the political thriller from Sharon Maguire, the director of Bridget Jones Diary, is currently filming in London and for Cannes we will have a promo that really demonstrates the tension and emotional core that is central to the film, along with the excellent performances from Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams.


Incendiary to be released at the end of 2007?

Speculation has been that Incendiary, a movie about a terrorist event in London, would be released in 2008.  However, I found an article which states it will be released at the end of 2007. 

Hackney Live

Read the article to hear how Ewan spent his time in Hackney.  No word on Matthew, though. 

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