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Jane, Becky and Smitten Meet with Matthew Macfadyen at the Premiere

Three of the luckiest Darcylicians got to meet Matthew Macfadyen (again!) at the Three Musketeers premiere.

Jane related their adventures and crazyness at the premiere in the forum and has also posted some photo in the gallery (Thank you for both!).

Then MM got to us - and recognised us and said - Hi... how are you? I said I liked his beard, and he made a face and touched it and said something like it was a bit too bushy (Smitten knows - I was too overwhelmed by his gorgeousness to absorb what he said!) Up close I thought he looked fabulous with the beard - photos don't do it justice!

Thank you all!

Photo Roundup of The Three Musketeers Premiere

Photos of Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes now abound on the internet.  You can catch some of the photos in the following locations

Video roundup of Matthew Macfadyen at the Three Musketeers Premiere

You can catch Matthew Macfadyen at the Three Musketeers Premiere in the UK in the following videos

  • Getty Images has 3 short videos of Matthew giving an interview as well as one of Keeley Hawes.
  • The Youtube video below shared by riddler of a live stream feed of the event 
  • 2 videos found by JaneV below
  • Finally, not from the premiere, but the BBC Breakfast video can be watched in entirety by someone who uploaded to youtube.

Making of The Three Musketeers "B Roll" videos

Arco found five "B roll" videos showing many of the behind the scenes the were spliced to make the featurettes.

You can view the videos in sequence with the links below.

Roll I 
Roll II
Roll III
Roll IV
Roll V

Below is the video (Roll I) showing Matthew Macfadyen learning how to swordfight.

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