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Lots of new photos from Three Musketeers

A lot of new photos have just been released in preparation for the UK and US release of the Three Musketeers (opens 21 October in the US and 12 October in the UK).  Many include Matthew Macfadyen as Athos.

You can view the photos HERE and HERE.

Thank you arco and cellisticone!

A few small examples:

TV Spot "Warrior" - The Three Musketeers

The latest US tv spot, labelled "Warrior" which was released today.  Listen as Matthew Macfadyen narrates this trailer for The Three Musketeers.

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Glimpse of Matthew Macfadyen at San Sebastian (video)

Arco's amazing eyes found a glimpse starting at 0:40 in this video.

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Matthew Macfadyen at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Matthew arrived this morning at the San Sebastian Film Festival and attended the photocall and festivities.

Here's a quick summary of locations of video and photos that you can view.

Photos at the San Sebastian Festival Website
Photos at Getty Images
Photos at Zimio

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have shared the links!

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Glamour (Oct 2011) Interview with the cast of Three Musketeers

Run out and buy the October 2011 issue of Glamour went "behind the scenes of the super-hot cast".  The interview has quotes from the various cast and include comments about Orlando Bloom wearing ladies underwear.Glamour (Oct 2011) Interview with the cast of Three Musketeers

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