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The First Five Minutes of Three Musketeers (in German)

Thanks to Marina, who found a video that has been posted which shows the first five minutes of Three Muskeeteers (in German). You will see the introduction of Matthew Macfadyen as Athos and Luke Evans as Aramis.

Making Of Three Musketeers Video in English

The Making Of video of The Three Musketeers has now appeared on Youtube in English.

See video

German Making of: Three Musketeers

This video has been shared by redluna of the German Forum.  The video appeared on German TV and shows a few scenes that we haven't seen before.

Thanks go out to redluna and Doris for the kind share!

See video

Three Musketeers LA Times Promo Image

This promotional full page spread appeared in this Sunday's LA Times

Three Musketeers LA Times Promo Image

Three Musketeers Sword Fighting Video with Imke Duplitzer

The German Three Musketeers facebook page has posted some of the cast learning to sword fight with Olympian Imke Duplitzer.  Lots of Matthew Macfadyen in the video, too!

You can watch the video HERE.

Thank you for letting us know, cellisticone!

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