Three Musketeers Images

Behind The Scenes of Three Musketeers Featurette

The German facebook page for The Three Musketeers has posted a shorter behind the scenes video (all in German).  You can view the featurette HERE.

Russian Poster for Three Musketeers

The Russian poster for The Three Musketeers has been released, this time featuring Milla Jovovich.

Russian Poster for Three Musketeers

Full Matthew Macfadyen Interview Video and 5 Minute Exclusive Preview of the Three Musketeers

The full interview that Matthew Macfadyen gave for the Three Musketeers (at least what appears to be the full interview) can be viewed at HERE.  Scroll through the list on the right until you see Matthew Macfadyen (in English).

Also, if you watch the full 5 minute exclusive preview, you'll notice many new scenes.  Unfortunately, it is in German, with the horribly dubbed Athos voice.  It's still action packed and humorous!

Audio Interviews and New Video of Three Musketeers

The pace of the release of information from The Three Musketeers continues rapidly.  I have several new updates for you.

First, this is via Pink Lady.  If you go to the official website and click on the characters, you can now view videos that have not been previously released.  Athos can be seen planning an offence against an enemy.

Second, you can listen to various audio interviews here.

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