Three Musketeers Images

Behind the Scenes of Three Musketeers in 3D

These videos comes via Jesse of the German Forum!  Thank you! 

You can watch a very long "making of" or "Behind the Scenes" video that is in German.  It has several images of Matthew Macfadyen as well as the other actors.

Also, there are several interviews with the cast of Three Musketeers.  Some are in German.  Look at the bottom for links to the interviews. Or Interview1 - Interview2 - Interview3 - Interview4

Thank you Doris for bringing it to our attention!

Fighting on the roof (Clip 9-German)

I can sword fight on the roof of a flying ship even though I have no depth perception!  I am king of the worrrrrrrrrrrrld!

(I just want to apologize to Matthew and the cast and crew of 3M for my facetious remarks. I shouldn't be posting when I haven't slept in more than 36 hours. I will be one of the first in line to see this movie when it's released in my country)

Whose Hairdo is Worse? (Clip 8-German)

A Pompadour or a rat's nest?  Which would you choose?  Who cares?  It's Athos to the rescue!

This is unbelievable (Clip 7-German)

Who knew a corsetted dress could fall so fast, or that a corset would let you fight, let alone breathe. 

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machine! (Clip 6-German)

I wonder if the airship is insured?  What does the painted peacock say? (Which Matthew Macfadyen film says painted peacock, can you tell?)  At least we get glimpses of Athos in this clip.

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