Three Musketeers Images

That is a Gorgeous Hallway! (Clip 5-German)

Two villains chat in what should be Versailles' Hall of Mirrors.  Sadly no eye candy in this one.  I miss Athos.

Bow Before Your King! (Clip 4-German)

Exposition in Deutsch!  Athos says something funny.  Can the king look more effeminate?  I won't know, until this clip appears in English (Marina? Doris?  Translation please!)

Athos has a drinking problem (Clip 3-German)

Athos appears to like the fermented grape and a bit distempered.  What he is saying, however, I have no idea.  Yes, it's German dubbing.

The Three Musketeers join D'Artagnan (Clip 2-German)

Again the German dubbing, but you can watch D'Artagnan fight while Athos, Porthos and Aramis decide to join in.

Meet Matthew Macfadyen as Athos (Clip 1- German)

You get to meet all of the Musketeers, first Matthew as Athos.  The only problem is that the clip has German dubbing, so you miss out on Matthew's lovely baritone.

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