Three Musketeers Images

More set photos from Wurzburg

Zimbio has uploaded 15 photos of Matthew Macfadyen during the filming of Three Musketeers. 

You can view them HERE and HERE

(September 19, 2010 - Photo by Photo Agency)

Matthew in Wurzburg

Jesse was able to find 2 more photos of Matthew filming for The Three Musketeers in Wurzburg, Germany.  You can see the photos HERE and HERE.

Two more photos with Matthew in Three Musketeers

This discovery comes via Monia who found 2 photos with the Three Musketeers filming in Bamberg on September 3rd.

You can view the images HERE and HERE

More photos of Athos

AthosSharonalee was able to find 3 more photos of the filming of the Three Musketeers with Matthew Macfadyen as Athos.  You can view them in the forum or the gallery.  Thank you!

Filming continues in Bamberg, Germany

Forum member,  marina, has found a photo from today's filming of The Three Musketeers in Bamberg.  It clearly shows all of the Musketeers, with Matthew probably wearing the hat with his head tilted down.  You can view the full image HERE.

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