The Enfield Haunting: Begins Sunday, 3rd May on Sky Living

Sky Living has begun promoting the 3 part television series, The Enfield Haunting which will begin airing on Sunday 3rd May.  You can learn a lot more about the real life events that occurred in Enfield in the 1970's by visiting the official website.

You can also visit this youtube playlist and see the various videos and trailers that have recently been released.

Matthew Macfadyen to star in film involving the Sound of Music

According to this story, Matthew is involved in a new project .  The film will be about the famous singing Von Trapp family made famous in The Sound of Music.  Below is what we know:

  • Matthew Macfadyen will play Georg Von Trapp
  • The oldest daughter, Agathe von Trapp (played by Vanessa Redgrave) tells the Von Trapp story from the death of his first wife and the meeting with Maria in flashbacks caused by something happening in the present time
  • At first the movie will only come out in Germany and Austria, but the article also says that an American company has made an offer to distribute the movie worldwide
  • Filming begins next Thursday

Thank you to facebook and the forum where everyone has been gathering information all day.  If you'd like to know more, please visit the forum.

Oakham QET30 event highlight video

Thanks to Oakham and Jodi again!  This event took place on 30 November 2015.

See video

Oakham School QET's 30th Anniversary Video (full)

Thanks to Oakham School for posting this and Jodi for finding it and pointing it out!

This event happened in November 2014 and Matthew took part in the Q&A. This video is of the Q&A. This is where Matthew mentions that he shouldn't have lied about knowing horse riding to get a job as well as many other things

See video

The Times: The Drama Kings (April 4, 2015)

Theatrical tantrums or male bonding – what happened when Britain’s leading men got together for our photoshoot? 

That's what the headline for the article in today's Times says.  There is video and a photogallery.  Go and buy The Times to find out!

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