24 Hours on Earth: premieres tonight on BBC America

Matthew Macfadyen will be narrating the spectacular look at nature charting it's course over 24 hours.  AV club had some comments about Matthew's narration

But his most sublime narration happens when he becomes romantically invested (which is remarkably often). “He needs open water to woo his exquisite female,” Macfadyen assures us with odd over-investment in seadragons, “but he can’t rush her; she won’t give up her eggs until he’s proved he’s Mr. Right. He needs to stay cool, turn on the charm, and impress her… fortunately, she likes what she sees.” Matthew Macfadyen, wingman to marine life everywhere.

Perfect Nonsense: Nominated for Olivier Awards Best New Comedy

Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense with Matthew Macfadyen and Stephen Mangan has been nominated for the prestigious Olivier Awards in the Best New Comedy category.

You can see all of the nominations HERE.

24 Hours on Earth: A day in the life of our planet

Mother Nature Network interviewed 24 Hours on Earth producer Chloe Pearne and one of the questions asked was the following:

Why was Matthew MacFadyen the perfect choice to narrate?

We wanted someone who could convey the wonder and awe of our planet and give gravity to the power of the sun but also bring the different characters to life. It’s a lot to ask, but Matthew is a wonderful storyteller, so it was the perfect choice.

24 Hours on Earth: BBC America Website and Photos

Matthew Macfadyen narrates this 2 part documentary, 24 Hours on Earth which premieres on BBC America this Tuesday, March 11th.

You can find more information on BBC America's website as well as view many photos from the series.


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