Ripper Street S3: Digital Spy Teaser for Episode 6 "The Incontrovertible Truth"

Meanwhile, the dark and corrupt streets of Whitechapel bear witness to the vicious stabbing of a local woman. Over one long rainy night, H Division must unearth the true culprit before the weight of the authorities bears down upon them.

Ambassadors: No chance of a second series

The very enjoyable Ambassadors will not be having a second series, despite the show having received rave reviews. Matthew Parris, former Westminster Wag had this to say:

“The episode involving a fictional minor royal (obviously Prince Andrew) furious that there was no Four Seasons hotel for him to stay in was hilarious,” he writes, adding that his fondness for the programme was shared by the Prime Minister and several British diplomats. The Duke of York, however, is not a fan, and Parris claims Foreign Office pressures may have led William Hague to ban staff from tweeting about it when he was Foreign Secretary.

“Now I hear the BBC is getting cold feet about a second series,” Parris writes. “Next time some ghastly foreign despot objects to something else in our media, the BBC (and the FCO) will struggle to insist that in a democracy the government does not control these things.”

Both Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes starred along side David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Ambassadors.  You can still catch the show on itunes.

QET30 Reliving the memories

Matthew Macfadyen took part in the Oakham School QET30 Q&A event:

The event celebrated the 30th anniversary of the much-loved Queen Elizabeth Theatre (QET), as well as the drama that has taken place within it during this time. The day began with coffee and tours followed by current pupils staging On The Razzle by Tom Stoppard, the first major production in the QET in June 1984.

In the afternoon, attendees then had the opportunity to watch an ‘Under the Spotlight’ question and answer session featuring some of Oakham’s most famous alumni.

Here are some of Matthew's answers. (Be sure to visit the website to read some of the other responses by the other actors who took part):

Q: which roles the panel had found to be most challenging and what skills they wished they could improve upon
A: Matthew Macfadyen confessed that he wished he hadn’t lied about being able to horse ride!

Q: how their time at Oakham had prepared them for their life on stage
A: Matthew Macfadyen told the audience that the 18 plays he performed in during his time at school had given him a confidence-building ‘back catalogue’ by the time he got to RADA. Matthew also praised the balance that had existed, for him, at Oakham, so that he still got to play plenty of rugby alongside his theatrical endeavours.

Q: think back to what was their most embarrassing moment during their dramatic careers at Oakham
A:  Matthew MacFadyen described the “emotionally scarring” incident when he was sacked from the production of Macbeth (for being too much like a choirboy to play a murderer)

This two pages show a gallery of photos from the event: HERE and HERE.

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