The Last Kingdom: New Photo of Matthew Macfadyen

MSN has posted several photos from The Last Kingdom, including Matthew Macfadyen as Lord Uhtred.  You can view the photos HERE.

Thanks to twitter.

The Last Kingdom: Coming to BBC 2 on 10 October

It sounds as if both BBC America and BBC 2 (in the UK) will be premiering The Last Kingdom on the same day, 10 October in the respective countries.

The Last Kingdom starts on BBC2 on October 10 and runs for eight weeks

Also, there is an early review from The Independent which claims that Game of Thrones fans will have plenty to enjoy.  BEWARE OF SPOILERS, particularly about Matthew Macfadyen's character. 

Welcome to Karastan: DVD coming soon to Amazon Germany

Welcome to Karastan is going to be available as a DVD at the German Amazon ( on 27 November.  The DVD is in English with German subtitles.

You can preorder the DVD HERE.

(thank you Marina for finding and sharing this!)

Mr Darcy Bust goes on sale at Chatsworth Gift Shop

Scaled versions of the famous Mr. Darcy bust that was shown in the 2005 movie Pride & Prejudice are now on sale at the Chatsworth Gift Shop.  

There is no online version of the Chatsworth gift shop from which you can order the bust, BUT you can order it online thru the following shop:


The bust is a scaled down version of the original and cost £50 (plus shipping if you are not purchasing at the Chatsworth Gift Shop).



Ripper Street S4: Matthew Macfadyen filming in Bray, Ireland even more photos

Filming continued today in Bray, Ireland on the set of Ripper Street.

 Matthew MacFadyen, Lucy Cohu, Anna Burnett, Clare Foster on set in the seaside town of BRAY in Co. Wicklow.

You can view the photos HERE.

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